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Adaptera is a professional consulting firm based in Cape Town and focused on offering strategic planning and support services to the environmental and social sectors throughout southern Africa.

We are passionate about empowering you and your organisation to create and realise your own (sustainable) future.

Our ultimate goal is to develop the world’s most holistic, yet practical strategic management system – so as to multiply the diverse and positive impacts of people and organisations intent on making a positive difference throughout the African continent.

We intend on doing this through simplifying the complexity of strategy and using a systemic approach that is holistic in nature, yet practical in application.

Our focus (niche) is supporting people:

  • CEO’s and their management teams;
  • Project and/or Programme managers and their teams;

And their organisations (within the environmental and social sectors throughout southern Africa):

  • Not for Profit Companies (NPC’s);
  • For Profit Companies (Pty’s);
  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s);
  • Governmental Departments;  and/or
  • Parastatals.

Our service offering is to facilitate the development of organisational and project based strategic plans in a way that empowers people. Please download our Company Service Portfolio here.

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“Philip is a superb strategic planner. He took the Animal Demography Unit at the University of Cape Town through a series of strategy planning sessions. He turned us round, and we now have a solid basis from which we operate. He is awesome. I cannot find the words to recommend him highly enough.”
- Les Underhill (Managing Director: ADU)
“From a management perspective, Philip has fulfilled dual roles, from leading organization-wide strategic processes, whilst simultaneously starting up a new health and safety income-generating unit, with all the challenges of budget development, workforce sourcing, marketing, business development, client engagement and leading staff. Philip is a natural high-level facilitator, strategist, sector visionary and practical business leader who can formulate co-operative strategies as well as lead business ventures.”
- Ashwell Glasson (Chairman: ADU)
“I’ve enjoyed working with Philip, who shares my commitment to excellence and an interest in diverse approaches to strategy. He supported me with organizational planning in the GreenMatter programme, where he proved to be thorough and willing to go the extra mile with his great software tools and skills. He coordinated a session on Work Integrated Learning at the National Environmental Skills Summit and demonstrated a careful, engaging facilitation style and great listening skills. I’d have him on my team any time.”
- Eureta Rosenberg (Consultant: Green Skills Research and Development)
“Philip has the ability to grasp and summarize complicated processes in a away that makes sense to most people. He has a vast knowledge of and experience with the strategic dimensions and processes. As a leader of NCC’s Health and Safety Consulting Business he was able to develop and implement the strategy that he designed with his team of passionate health and safety entrepreneurs (hs-preneurs). He was, and is – pivotal in building the NCC Health and Safety brand from the inside to ensure long-term sustainability. He is an exciting and ambitious person and his work at NCC has always been exemplary.”
- Linden Rhoda (Executive Director: NCC Health and Safety)

Why choose Adaptera

Holistic, yet practical

We aim to offer a strategic management system that is holistic in nature, yet practical in application.


We adopt an empowering approach – this means we enable you and your organisation to create, understand and implement your own strategy by developing it yourselves, supported and guided by our facilitation.

Personalized services

We aim to develop a long lasting, personalized partnership with each of our clients. Your success is our success. We aim to be there during implementation as well as planning to support you and your organisation in successfully achieving your strategy.

Simplify complexity

We aim to simplify the complexity of strategy into an approach that is easy to understand, practical to use and holistic in design.


We offer a professional approach to bridging the successful principles of strategic management with the environmental and social sectors.


We aim to offer our services at affordable rates.

One point of access

We aim to offer access to a diverse range of specialist services, facilitated and project managed through one touch point.