Adaptera is a professional consulting firm based in Cape Town and focused on offering strategic support services to the environmental and social sectors throughout Africa.

Adaptera was conceptualised during 2013 and 2014 and officially launched in May 2015 with the intent of bridging the gap between the successful principles of corporate enterprise and the strategic management needs of organisations in the environmental and social sectors.

Through its service offering, Adaptera hopes to increase the collective positive impact so many people and organisations are striving to make in our living environments.

Adaptera and its associates are truly passionate about empowering people and organisations to create and realise their own (sustainable) futures and its this passion that drives our everyday research, development and engagement with our clients.

Our Strategic Philosophy:

Our Strategic Philosophy is what guides our approach to everything we do and includes:

Our Purpose (mission):

Our sense of purpose is what gets us up in the morning and keeps us motivated – much like a double shot of espresso!

  • To multiply the accumulative positive impacts of others in an effort to achieve a more sustainable future.

The following further explains our purpose:

  • To multiply means to enable and bring into being the economies of scale effect to create more positive impacts.
  • The accumulative implies the collection of many people, communities and organisations (our stakeholders).
  • Positive impacts means that what we do has a positive and lasting effect for both people and our natural environment.
  • To achieve means to bring into being, to make happen, to succeed, to bring into existence.
  • A more sustainable future is a future where people (that’s us humans) can live in a more harmonious way with our natural environment.

Our Values:

Our values guide our behaviour and the way we go about achieving our vision and realizing our purpose.

  • Trust, integrity and pride: We value people who are trustworthy, who live a life of integrity and who walk with a sense of pride in both themselves and in what they do.
  • Creative ambition: We value people who are creative and ambitious in everything they do. We are inspired by people who want to achieve their dreams and who challenge the status quo. We value people who have an enquiring mind that seeks to create innovative solutions.
  • Client centric: We value people who go out of their way to focus on adding value to our clients and our stakeholders. After all they‘re the reason we can exist.
  • Disciplined execution: We value people who take responsibility for their actions, who are disciplined in their thinking and their actions and who manage to deliver results, on time, within budget, all whilst having fun.
  • Learning and development: We value people who strive for continuous improvement, both in themselves, in others and in their organisations.

Our Vision:

Our vision is what we want to achieve in the future, who we want to become and what guides our strategy and daily activities.

  • To empower people and organisations to create and realise their own (sustainable) future.

The following further explains our vision:

  • To empower means to enable others, to give others the ability to do something, to give others the power, authority and autonomy to do something. Adaptera adopts an empowering approach in its service offering.
  • Our focus is to empower people and organisations, this means we want to enable people to create and realise their own personal future, as well as the future of their organisation. This involves career development, learning about who you are, capitalizing on your strengths and planning your future.
  • To create means to design, to architect, to invent, to plan, to envisage. Adaptera focuses on supporting people and organisations to create their own future.
  • To realise means to bring into being, to make happen, to succeed, to bring into existence. Adaptera focuses on supporting people and organisations to realise their own future.
  • Sustainability in our minds, incorporates the five elements as described by the Five Capitals Model which includes: natural capital, human capital, social capital, financial capital and manufactured capital. Sustainability also refers to the ability to maintain ones viability and longevity through a systemic approach to managing ones future.


Our big hairy audacious goal is our Everest flag, lying in wait just a few years up ahead, its our ambitious future goal-post and focus point to keep us in check!

  • To develop the world’s most holistic, yet practical strategic management system.

The following further explains our BHAG:

  • When we refer to develop, we mean to create, to design, to envisage, to build from the ground up;
  • When we refer to the World, we mean to hold the international best practice;
  • When we refer to holistic, we mean all encompassing, systemic, fully integrated, inclusive of all the elements needed to fit together to make something succeed;
  • When we refer to practical, we mean easy to use, easy to understand, easy to apply, relevant for use, delivers results, fit for purpose;
  • When we refer to a strategic management system, we mean a system that manages the interconnectedness of strategic principles in a way that works together for the good of the whole.

Our Team

Philip Dukas (Director / Owner):

Philip founded Adaptera on his knowledge, passion and working experience gained throughout the conservation biodiversity sector, the tourism and training sectors, the health, safety and environmental management sectors and the commercial business and strategy environment. He lives in Cape Town with his wife Nadine and their son Jason. Philip is both passionate about Adaptera’s purpose, as well as adventure and outdoor activities.