• Philip Dukas

Engineering Sustainability Into Our Corporate DNA

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Is this even possible? For a long time, the notion of sustainable development has sat alongside organizations much like corporate social responsibility/investment.

A final activity or afterthought before declaring year end financials (basically apportioning a percentage pre-profits towards these causes to keep stakeholders happy and look good).

"Something drastic has to change and that something has to involve the way we think and relate to others and to our natural environment." (Espinosa and Walker)

Although the idea of engineering sustainability into an organizations DNA has been growing traction, the question is HOW?

Sustainable Development Is Possible When the Approach is Aligned with the Outcome

At Adaptera, we believe it starts with corporate level strategy development and advocate the integration of the well-known Balanced Scorecard (Kaplan & Norton) with the principles of the Five Capitals (Forum for the Future), thus starting the process of strategic planning.

Strategic Development Goals Play a Key Role

Strategic planning begins setting social, people, environmental, manufactured and financial related objectives (as may be applicable) that are aligned to the organizations vision and coupled with clear outcome and performance driven measurables.

These key performance areas are what direct the management of ones customers, internal business processes as well as learning and growth perspectives towards long-term sustainability.

This way, sustainability is driven from corporate level strategy through into operations and also offers organizations an easier way to report on integrated sustainability, whilst at the same time offering boards and stakeholders a more tangible way to hold organizations accountable.

Adaptera Strategic Support Services - Supporting & Facilitating Sustainable Development

At Adaptera, we support and facilitate sustainable development in such a way that it becomes part of an organization's DNA. We assist in creating and implementing high-impact solutions in various sectors across the African continent.

We believe that the way forward is through environmental awareness and social responsibility which is driven by sustainable operations at a corporate level.

Please visit our website: www.adaptera.co.za to see how we can support your organization in creating a sustainable strategy, or feel free to contact us to find out more about what we do.

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