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Finding Common Ground on 'Strategy' in the Workplace

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Through many strategic planning workshops and facilitation, I have come to realize that people understand the term 'strategy' in many different ways.

What is Strategy?

The textbook definition of the word strategy (noun) is: "a careful plan, or method for achieving a particular goal".

Yet, a collective group of people will identify many different aspects of what strategy means to them, each describing their own thoughts and opinions, and in a completely different way to the person sitting next to them.

Adding to the complexity is the vast array of opinions, books, videos, courses, programs, articles, studies, etc - that surround the topic of strategy.

Understanding Strategy - Getting Everyone on the Same Page

While encouraging diversity of thinking, opinions and approaches in the workplace is crucial to improving organizational culture, there are certain things that should be understood in the same way by all. One of these is what "strategy" means in a real-life, practical environment.

This is particularly important in a workplace setting when every member of the organization is working together towards a common goal or outcome, regardless of their role or position in the business.

At Adaptera, we have found that adopting a holistic, yet practical approach to understanding the term "strategy" has helped us in being able to bring people together in a way that incorporates the diversity of thinking, with the necessity for simplicity - a key foundational step in developing any form of engaged strategy.

Finding common ground on what strategy means to people within an organization is critical in being able to move forward in a meaningful way - otherwise people may constantly misinterpret, or misunderstand each other during implementation. And we all know that it's implementing the actual strategy that's key for its ultimate success.

Adaptera Strategic Support Services - Strategic Planning

Strategy, strategic planning and implementation is at the forefront of what we do. We believe that without a strategy in place, we have no direction, no target to aim at.

Adaptera has outlined its understanding of the term strategy as: “the art of making informed choices about what to do (and what not to do) in relation to one’s philosophy and implementing those choices through engaged planning, disciplined execution and consistent monitoring and evaluation”.

Our strategic planning services help you not only develop strategies, we also assist with establishing your organization's goals and missions so that we can implement a strategy that seamlessly aligns with them.

Additionally, we assist with monitoring and evaluation solutions which can be applied to ensure your organization remains on track towards it's goals.

Click here to see more about our approach and feel free to share your opinion with us so we can all improve together - after all, being able to adapt to our ever changing environments is what long term survival (sustainability) is all about.

For more information about what we do, please feel free to contact us directly.

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