• Philip Dukas

A sense of purpose

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Does your organization have a statement of purpose? A statement which captures the very essence of why your organization exists. If captured correctly, it should support your organization in attracting and retaining the right kind of passionate and talented employees, clients and stakeholders who share in, or aspire towards a similar sense of purpose, albeit in their professional or personal capacity.

A strong, shared sense of purpose is what gets us up in the morning with energy and zest, much like an espresso, or an early morning surf! It reminds an organization and its people, why the organizations is so important, so when the going gets tough, its easier to navigate your way through the difficulties.

However, many organizations still continue to craft long winded mission statements that describe what the organization does, what it hopes to achieve, or worse still, what products or services it offers. They are not focusing on simplifying the very essence of why the organization exists.

At Adaptera, we believe that this is a critical step in developing an organizations strategic philosophy. Visit: www.adaptera.co.za to learn more about our approach to supporting organizations in the environmental and social sectors in developing a holistic, yet practical strategic management system.

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